All Your Love

To spite the voices in your head

You make the choices in their stead

Unwitting walls are all around

You built without making a sound   

Can’t hide a feeling deep inside

This time hearts they will collide


All your love 

Will define your part, Baby

While your head 

Is inside of mine, Lady!


It’s been this way for a while

You laugh without cracking a smile

We’ve seen you suffer for your art

But now you take the patrons apart


All your world 

Is inside your haunts lately

Find your heart

Deep inside your vault, Baby

All your love 

Will decide a start maybe

What I’ve brought

Is it all for naught, Lady?


Our star above innumerable skies 

Begin a sentence with “I”

Gave hell but you started the fight

To think you were just starting to try

Did your money make you?

In the blinking of a wandering eye

Did you think about wondering why?

Ring a bell for our stock ticking by 

Give in and take a minute to cry   


Busy operator               

Did your money make you?            


All your love   

Will decide your heart, Baby

What I bought 

Is it all for naught maybe

Did your money make you?   

Dance hall days

Busy operator    

Entranced all day