For Myself

Don’t look at me

I’m tired of waiting

For myself, I’m fading


On me again                            

Don’t need a friend          

Or anybody’s interest


Won’t do that we

Are lying complacent

In our self-effacement


Signs can align in places

On the shelf that faces

Minds can unwind the traces

To pick up the paces


All we had been

Only if then

Try to turn it around now and again

Unknown when           

I’m waiting for a feeling

Hardly a ten


Don’t look at me

I’m wide awakened

But my head is shakin’

Don’t look at me

I’m tired of waiting

For myself I’m fading


On me again

She’s only a friend                 

Is anybody with me?

Every now and then

I coulda dropped another dime you wouldn’t listen again    

Does anybody hear it?

Don’t need a pen

Haven’t thought of the words and there is nothing within