Lavabo, a placebo

Put on yourself

Before you go


It’s kicking in, far as you know, tell me

A seed you think

You have to sew


You’re getting ready

They’re willing to wash it down

And business steady

Your clients they love a clown


Bravado, braggadocio

The little ways

You keep control


I’m listening, Arecibo, hear me

You make the news

Before you know


The song of SETI

You bet he would turn it down

A hand that heavy

To keep us from making sound


In time to see the fire show

Then fail to flee the lava flow

No mind for making sparks fly

Headlong you feel it’s worth a try


This might not seem offertory, sorry

Suggesting that which

Would unclothe


The order’s ready

They’re starting to scarf it down


In time to feel the light go

No eyes to see the dark below


Lavabo, clean as you go

Do you ever think

Before you know?