On The Ground

Another time

When you think you’re better

All out of rhyme

In the snowy weather


In front of line

But sublime                  


A gilded shrine

But the priest in leather

Get down below

Like a sunken treasure


Throw out a line

Not to find                                  


I don’t think I want to flee it

On the ground looking straight to see it


A flawed design

And the leagues together

A tilted hat

With a broken feather


You're out of line

But divine


A hand too kind

With a mind to fetter

A fleur-de-lis

But no word nor letter


We’re out of time

But so fine


From the brink you won’t believe it

Once you see you’ll cease to feel it

Kind of thing I don’t want to flee it

I’m on the ground looking straight to see it


We try to make something from

But you refuse it and use it to rake your sum

For Myself

Don’t look at me

I’m tired of waiting

For myself, I’m fading


On me again                            

Don’t need a friend          

Or anybody’s interest


Won’t do that we

Are lying complacent

In our self-effacement


Signs can align in places

On the shelf that faces

Minds can unwind the traces

To pick up the paces


All we had been

Only if then

Try to turn it around now and again

Unknown when           

I’m waiting for a feeling

Hardly a ten


Don’t look at me

I’m wide awakened

But my head is shakin’

Don’t look at me

I’m tired of waiting

For myself I’m fading


On me again

She’s only a friend                 

Is anybody with me?

Every now and then

I coulda dropped another dime you wouldn’t listen again    

Does anybody hear it?

Don’t need a pen

Haven’t thought of the words and there is nothing within


The cast died the mold is on your shoulder

Your mind is filled with glitter and gloat

To out-shill them all you’re not just bolder

You thrive as a philandering pope


Tying up your words leaving us

Hanging on every rope

People’s voices heard explaining it

The good that ever did for a joke


Write it on the blackboard

Tell us your secret 

Tell us who keeps it

Say it on the line so

We better receive it

In times you’re deceiving


Live map purée underperforming

The wires they keep coming late

Go to sleep with the door a little open

And dream of a deplorable fate


Flying undeterred believing when

You’re blinded by the engine smoke

With a rule of thirds they’re leaving us

Heedless in a pillowed yoke


Mark it on the blackboard

Tell us your secret 

I swear that we’ll keep it

Lay it on the line so

We better receive it 

To never repeat it

Count me down to sleep man 

To hell with the sheep and

The company keeping them


Mind full of all distractions

In selling what he says

They’re tearing to pieces

In light of our inaction

A swelling unfounded

Can’t tell what the sound is

Chemical infractions

You see their reactions

Compelling in masses

Deny your clever retractions

If anyone cries well

They do it at night now


Lavabo, a placebo

Put on yourself

Before you go


It’s kicking in, far as you know, tell me

A seed you think

You have to sew


You’re getting ready

They’re willing to wash it down

And business steady

Your clients they love a clown


Bravado, braggadocio

The little ways

You keep control


I’m listening, Arecibo, hear me

You make the news

Before you know


The song of SETI

You bet he would turn it down

A hand that heavy

To keep us from making sound


In time to see the fire show

Then fail to flee the lava flow

No mind for making sparks fly

Headlong you feel it’s worth a try


This might not seem offertory, sorry

Suggesting that which

Would unclothe


The order’s ready

They’re starting to scarf it down


In time to feel the light go

No eyes to see the dark below


Lavabo, clean as you go

Do you ever think

Before you know?

I Don’t Mind

Ten thousand scenes in a dream somewhere

Well these don’t compare

To the theme in here

Leave your insurgents in a field out there

You can take their prayers

To your man upstairs


And I really don’t care  

And I really shouldn’t stare

But I might

I tried to wish it wasn’t there 

But I been planning for a scare in the night

It’s alright


Don’t sell me something when it’s free in here

They see you there

And do what’s fair


Well I thought it was the end 

I can tell you as a friend

I don’t mind

Forming clouds seething blur this evening and the water

Say Goodbye

Don’t say we’ll be alone baby


Don’t figure out what I’m doing now

Not right within to just give a shout

Some things they spin more than peeling out


To fight with them is improvidence

Marching astride here in the worst defense

Don’t listen in what I’m on about



Sugar pie

Say goodbye


Running under a wire with arms to battle wits              

Unknown soldiers getting blown to bits

Go figure out why they’re gonna die



Can’t decide

Sugar pie

Say goodbye


Won’t say we’ll be alone baby


Wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it

It’s upside-down

I started digging and found it’s time for taking it



It’s been a long time there was a savior

Song that fits the shoe

Any consolation

When you’re feeling better

No it isn’t you


To live a sleep-life under the table

Dreams not even free

Secret operation forces

Bubbling up

For everyone to see


Whoa whoa whoa

We’ve seen enough  

Please don’t go

I’m feeling hardly

In the flow

Too high to be


Whoa whoa whoa

Don’t say the wrong thing

We don’t need

The suits on Wall Street

In the know

To break my reverie


Whoa whoa whoa

I feel unlucky

Look at me

I found the lost sea

Was for show

My disbelief


We lit the seaside up with a feeling

Down when I met you

But if there was an evening we should be together



We ride

Along the reservoir

To find our brides

We tried

Them on the telephone

But they declined

The light

Is on holiday

To our surprise


They swam in the sea when there was no one around

Now we don’t hear their toes on the ground

Yeah when we talk well we don’t make a sound

Beginning to feel that they don’t mess around    


Our lives

Are long              

But not for everyone

The tides, they dry


Is meant for anyone


Now we can see that our ship’s run aground

And the people dragging our goods through the town

Everywhere you turn the faces look to the ground

Dare to conceal precious stones of the crown


Do you think they’d stay in a hotel?

Try the life outside a cell

Do you think we’re paying for the bill?

And I guess we might as well



We dine

Your Way

Just name a time of the month

While I’m weak, any day

To be around to roll your way

I’ll be your man of the hour

Just need a shower

And a moment to pray 


Now I’m a diamond but rough

With a part in the play

Not around, so roll your own

I’ll be there in an hour

To settle under your glower 

And lay


Don’t worry bout it

Hey, why not fuel a flame  

But work around it

Who finds us in the maze   

Won’t live to tell about it

Stay silent in the fray


We were the only ones

Never went to town

Now on around the bend

And the light of day here again


She was alone the one

Never hit the ground

I was the only one

Shoes that never make you hear a sound



And we fled

And they said

We always go for something better ahead


In light of all of it

If ever was a time

We sailed around a bit

Water makes you lay down and then


It was the land ahead

Rudder in the hand

Now we’re around again

But someone’s always making a plan



And we sped

And they said

We always slow for some poor pleasure instead


And we fed

Enough said

You never know if something’s wrong in the head

All Your Love

To spite the voices in your head

You make the choices in their stead

Unwitting walls are all around

You built without making a sound   

Can’t hide a feeling deep inside

This time hearts they will collide


All your love 

Will define your part, Baby

While your head 

Is inside of mine, Lady!


It’s been this way for a while

You laugh without cracking a smile

We’ve seen you suffer for your art

But now you take the patrons apart


All your world 

Is inside your haunts lately

Find your heart

Deep inside your vault, Baby

All your love 

Will decide a start maybe

What I’ve brought

Is it all for naught, Lady?


Our star above innumerable skies 

Begin a sentence with “I”

Gave hell but you started the fight

To think you were just starting to try

Did your money make you?

In the blinking of a wandering eye

Did you think about wondering why?

Ring a bell for our stock ticking by 

Give in and take a minute to cry   


Busy operator               

Did your money make you?            


All your love   

Will decide your heart, Baby

What I bought 

Is it all for naught maybe

Did your money make you?   

Dance hall days

Busy operator    

Entranced all day